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    Plant Based Burger Pandesal

    This plant-based burger is monggo based so it is affordable here in the Philippines. If you have monggo soup the day before, you can use this recipe for the leftover to revamp it up. Ingredients Monggo Onion Garlic Gynger Salt Pepper Flour Black Beans 1 small can To serve: Pandesal, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Catsup, Mustard, Vegan Cheese Method Boil the following together. Monggo, black beans, onion, garlic, gynger, tomatoes. Use blender and add flour, salt, pepper, and other seasonings such as thyme, basil, cumin, turmeric etc. Scoop and Deep fry.

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    Get out of the Loop

    Have you ever had repeating experiences that are not serving your highest good or causing you so much troubles and problems? Like, ending up in a relationship where your partner would abuse, manipulate and hurt you? Or being in a job where you don’t find joy? When I first learned that the external experiences are mirror of what’s inside of us, what’s our inner programmings, that nothing in your experience is an accident, it was a pure shock and aha moment to me. All I wanted is to be loved and to belong, to be accepted for who I am… and so why did I attract and choose relationships which…

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    The Authentic Self

    What does it mean to live in the most authentic self? It means the radical awakening to finally arrive at a space where in one has finally faced every shadow, and take the courage to shred subconscious layers that are keeping you away from your true nature or pristine alignment. The women especially, have been too long been conditioned to be subservient, to be inferior and to be submissive to the people in authority over her. And in the process of wanting to be accepted and to belong, she forgets her true self. And we pass this on from generation to generation… the culture of shame, guilt, oppression, subjugation, derogation,…

  • Plant Medicines


    I love this herb as it can be used as tea after meal. It helps alot in digestion and for better sleep. Aside as tea, it can also be used for cooking or marinade. It has so much health benefits as it helps reduce blood sugar, inflammation and pain, while improving sleep, appetite and heart health. Not to mention, it’s versatile and can be added to a variety of foods — whether you use fresh or dried varieties. Care: Direct Sunlight, Water Daily.Propagation: Cutting

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    Avocado Guacamole Pandesal

    A filling and healthy breakfast. Here in Philippines, hot pandesal is always a staple in Filipino family table. This is so quick and satisfying, for sure even your kiddos will enjoy this meal. It’s healthy as the avocado is rich in healthy fats and fibre. Ingredients Avocado Tomatoes Onion Salt Pepper Pandesal Cheese (optional) Tahini Sauce Instructions Add in each pandesal, avocado, tomatos, onion, and dash of salt and pepper. Add cheese and tahini sauce

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    Vegetable Eggplant and Potato Casserole

    A quick, easy and healthy dish for partiesand any gatherings. This is vegan friendly as the milk I used is coconut milk and vegan cheese made of cashew. 🙂 Ingredients 1/2 kilo Eggplant 1 carrot 1 bunch of Alugbati Leaves 2 Tomato 1 Onion 1 Garlic Tomato Sauce Salt Pepper Bay Leaf 1/2 kilo Potatoes Cashew Cheese Tahini Sauce 1/4 cup Coconut milk Instructions Boil Potatoes and mash. Add coconut milk, dash of salt, pepper, sugar. Set aside. Saute onion, garlic, tomatoes. Add eggplant, carrots, then alugbati. Once the eggplants are soft, add the tomato sauce. Dash with salt, pepper, and top with tahini sauce and cashew cheese.

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    Going back to Home… Pure Love

    Once you experience that unconditional love of God, that’s the time you feel so complete that you belong to yourself and aligned to the source. Your worth is not reliant on other people or any externals. You have no shame in the heart, no judgement even. All as it is. In that space, all experience is a way for growth and expansion. Even those experience that humans label as dark, or bad, are all teachers of the soul. And so it takes you to a space of gratitude to all experiences, whether labelled as good or bad. It takes you to a space of gratitude to the souls who volunteered…

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    Mahalin ang Sarili

    Para po ito sa mga babaeng nadedepress at nagstay pa rin with a partner na na nanakit. Madami po rason, I know this may sound crazy for those who didn’t undergo this… but to me, I stayed because I felt he loves me… May snap issues lang pag nagagalit, nanakit at palala ng palala. Pagkatapos ng bawat pananakit, lalambingin niya ako at okay kami ng maraming months. Tapos uulit uli, this time mas malala. Ang mga kaibigan ko, nagtataka din, bakit di ako umalis? Bakit ko tinago yun? Bakit ko pa rin siya gusto?I was influenced by my family to separate with him and undergo therapy. Dun ko naintindihan na…

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    Banana Blossom and Coconut Milk

    So a neighbor gave us a freshly picked banana blossom that’s why I decided to cook it with coconut milk and chilies. Yum! This dish is so rich in potassium, it’s an alkaline food which effectively neutralizes the stomach acid secretions and offers respite from indigestion, ulcers and pain. Apart from this, high on dietary fibre and other vital nutrients banana flowers work as a natural laxative and regularise bowel functions and treat constipation. 🙂